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All classes offered by Kim Hendrikson,
Offered in cooperation with Ramsey Community School

All classes held at Ramsey High School

Monday & Tuesday, 7:00-10:00 p.m.             (plus $15 mat. fee due at reg.)
(2 sess.  Mar. 12 & 13)
You might have memories of this rich, bread/cake that used to be made regularly by homemakers, and while one can still buy them, they DO NOT COMPARE to making your own. With it’s Eastern European roots and gourmet appeal, this yeast based recipe requires some time, Kim will be a few steps ahead of you in demonstrating each step and guarantees to take the fear out of baking with yeast if you are nervous.  Bring to class: apron, dish towel, and a angel food cake pan (deep, round baking pan with hole in center).


MUFFIN TIN MEALS          FEE: $50
Monday & Tuesday, 7:00-9:30 p.m.   (plus $30 mat. fee due at reg.)
(2 sess. Mar. 26 & 27)

Aren’t we always in a rush and grabbing not-so healthy quick foods to take the place of the meal we are missing.  In this two night class we will explore 8 different recipes, combining savory elements into small, tasty and portable meals in muffin tins. Chicken Feta Phyllo w Tzatziki, Ham & Egg Veggie Cups, and Mini Turkey loaves with a Tunisian Kick are only a few of the recipes we will prepare and taste each night. Bring to class: apron, dish towel, take home containers.


Tuesday, 7:00-9:30 p.m. (1 sess. Apr. 24)      (plus $15 mat. fee due at reg.)
Kim Hendrickson will demo the essential techniques to making a perfect scone.  Immediately after the demo, each person will choose a recipe:  Lemon Blueberry, Triple Corn Scones, Sicilian Wine Scones & Pear Thyme Scones and make a batch to either take home or share.  Get ready for spring brunches, lunches or teas.  Homemade scones are 100% better than the “hockey-puck scones” one buys! Kim will discuss how to make scones in advance so you have a fresh baked scone each morning!  Bring to class:  apron, dish towel and take home containers.


Tuesday, 7:00-10:00 p.m.       (plus $15 mat. fee due at reg.)
(1 sess Apr. 17)
They look hard to make, don’t they.....BUT they are much easier than a layer cake and so dramatic. In one night, you will be coached on how to make a cake roll (Kim will demo the Classic Jelly Roll) while making and tasting 4 different kinds of cake and filling: Bittersweet Chocolate Roll with Marscapone Filling, Matcha Roll, Strawberry Cream Rolly Poly, & Pumpkin Spice Roll. Come for an evening of fun making these delicious cakes. Bring to class: apron, dish towel, and take home containers.


Monday, 7:00-9:30 p.m.         (plus $12 mat. fee due at reg.)
(1 sess. Apr. 30)
Traditionally pesto is made from basil leaves, oil and pine nuts, BUT the word pesto is now a category, not just one simple recipe. Join Kim Hendrickson in this one night class to explore the different kinds of pesto that can be eaten with pasta or zoodles, rice or over veggies. If these few recipes sound appealing: Pumpkin Seed with a Kick Pesto, Tomato Walnut Pesto & Carrot Curry Pesto plus 2 others; join us to learn and enjoy. Bring to class: apron, dish towel, and take home containers.


sday, 7-9:30 p.m.        (plus $10 cash mat. fee to instructor)
(1 sess. Mar. 13th -new date)            Midland Park H.S.    
Why settle for frozen or canned vegetables or dried herbs when you can grow your own fresh produce practically year-round here in New Jersey? It’s easier than you might think.  We’ll discuss techniques to get you started from the simplest window sill garden to hot house gardening and everything in between. Knowing which varieties to plant and when can make all the difference. These time-tested and proven techniques will have you amazing your friends and neighbors as you harvest vegetables just when they are beginning to plant them!   We always have a great Q & A session at the end of the class and our gardeners share their success stories as well as questions. Join us for a fun-filled evening! Instructor: DONALD J. KANARR


Wednesday, 7-9:30 p.m.         (plus $10 cash mat. fee to instructor)
(1 sess.  Mar. 14)         Midland Park H.S.
If you want to have the prettiest flowers and eat the freshest, tastiest, and most healthy produce ever, but hate to weed and don’t have much time to spend in the garden each day, then you’re in luck. A SF Garden is: 50% of the cost, 20% of the space, 10% of the water, 5% of the seeds, 2% of the work and 100% as much harvest as a traditional back yard row garden. It makes gardening success easy. No weeding. No digging. No tilling. No kidding! Is your backyard soil as hard as a brick? No problem! You won’t be using it in your raised beds, and as a bonus the soil is totally organic! Join us for a light and fun-filled evening of useful gardening information, class participation and a question and answer session. You will be amazed to learn what you can grow all year long by using some of our simple tricks. Instructor: DONALD J. KANARR


Wednesday, 7-9:30 p.m.         (plus $10 cash mat. fee to instructor)
(1 sess.  Mar. 21)         Midland Park H.S.
Plant basil or carrots by your tomatoes for a better harvest and better tasting tomatoes, but don’t plant anything in the onion family near your peas or you will stunt their growth! Sounds crazy but it’s true. Gardeners and farmers have known this for hundreds of years. The proper layout of your garden patch will greatly enhance its productivity and taste. Knowing what to plant next after harvesting one type of vegetable in your garden is just as crucial. Each plant variety has different requirements. This course will teach you how to successfully do both for a productive and disease and pest resistant garden. Instructor: DONALD J. KANARR



Wednesday 7-9:30 pm            (plus $30 cash mat. fee to Instructor)
(1 sess. Mar. 28)          Midland Park H.S.
Together we’ll explore the differences between sprouts, microgreens and baby greens and how to grow all of them year-round in your home. Sprouts have very important health properties due to their high levels of nutrients and enzymes, which give our body valuable energy to detox and strengthen our immune system. Broccoli sprouts contain 20 to 50 times more nutrients than mature broccoli and have sulforaphane, a powerful anti-cancer compound that helps fight and reduce the risk of developing cancer. Every participant will plant a tray of organic broccoli sprouts to take home. We will also discuss the benefits of growing and juicing wheat grass which is another powerhouse for good health. Join us for a fun-filled evening of tips for living a healthier life. Instructor: Donald J. Kanarr


Wednesday 7-9:30 pm            (plus $35 cash mat. fee to instructor)
(1 sess. Apr. 11)          Midland Park H.S.
Vermiculture is the process of worm farming. When we use worms to create compost, we are vermicomposting. Experienced gardeners will tell you that worm excrement (castings) are the best natural fertilizer on the face of the earth. The lowly worm is the gardener’s best friend. They turn our kitchen scraps into “black gold.” When done properly, there are no odors, flies, or downsides. Worm castings have a woodsy, earthy, pleasant aroma. This course will enlighten you about worms and how to harness their power year-round to the benefit of your garden. Each participant will build a simple worm composting tub including worm bedding, natural additives and powdered food to take home along with detailed instructions for success.  Actual worms must be ordered on-line after the tub has been completed and allowed to sit for several days. Your garden will thank you with healthier vegetables and bigger blooms. It’s natural and all organic!  Instructor: Donald J. Kanarr


Wednesday, 7-9:30 p.m.         (plus $35 cash mat. fee payable to instructor)
(1 sess. Apr. 18)          Midland Park H.S.
What is wheatgrass juice and why is it important?  It is the juice of hard red winter wheat berries which have been grown indoors, under lights in a highly mineralized soil for about 10 days.  After harvest it is juiced in a low speed masticating juicer and then consumed immediately.  It is rich in living chlorophyll, vitamins A,B,C and E, with trace, organic , plant-based minerals which are more readily absorbed by our body.  It also purifies and alkalizes our blood.  We will discuss many health issues which may be prevented, improved or eliminated by regularly drinking wheatgrass juice.  Each student will be given a kit containing everything needed to grow a crop of organic wheatgrass for juicing at home.  We will also juice our own wheatgrass in class and sample it straight and mixed with other juices.  Although this is purely a plant based juice with proven results, you may wish to consult with your health care provider before making this part of a daily routine. Join us for an evening chock full of enlightening facts about your body which will prove very helpful.  Instructor: Donald J. Kanarr


SEWING - BEGINNERS (Ages 14 & up)    FEE: $125
Monday, 6:30-9 p.m. (9 sess. beg.Feb. 26)(no class 4/2)        Midland Park H.S.
Students will learn the basics of sewing including seams, hems, zippers, buttonholes,pattern selection & layout. Each student is required to bring their own sewing machines with instruction manual in order to learn how to operate them more effectively. Please bring it the first night of class along with a 3 ring binder and a ½ yard of muslin fabric. Class limited to 14 students. Instructor: KAREN SKOGLUND


SEWING - ADVANCED (Ages 14 & up)                  FEE: $125
Wednesday, 6:30-9 p.m.  (9 sess. beg. Feb. 28)(no class 4/4)            Midland Park H.S.
Advanced sewing techniques will be taught. Prerequisite for this class is sewing for beginners. STUDENTS MUST HAVE SEWING EXPERIENCE!  Students should bring their own sewing machines and a project to the first class. Class limited to14 students.  Instructor: KAREN SKOGLUND


UPHOLSTERY – BEGINNER         FEE: $143   (SR CIT $136)
Tuesday, 7-9 p.m. (8 sess. beg. Feb. 13)         ($30 mat. fee due at registration)
(no class 4/3)   Ramsey High School (Shop)
Offered in cooperation with Ramsey Community School. Register through M.P.C.E.

Here’s your opportunity to learn how to upholster and master the ‘tricks of the trade’. Work on your own piece (we suggest a small piece: small chair, ottoman). Professional work is expensive; save a lot of money by learning to do it yourself. You will receive a survey via your email. Please keep a current email address in your student profile. Material fee: $30 material fee payable at time of registration. Larger pieces (i.e. loveseat, armchair, etc.) will incur an extra material fee applied at class time. Park at Ramsey High School, 256 E. Main St. Parking Lot next to football field. Instructor: GREG GEORGI


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